Jens Roth

deepWORK® Master Trainer

How did you become a Master Trainer? Can you please share your story with us in a few words?

For several years I was part of Kai Schumacher’s IRON SYSTEM® master team, and a founding participant of the bodyART® IFHIAS master trainers teaching back in 2012. Since then I am a part of the deepWORK master trainers team.

What is in your opinion what makes deepWORK® different from other programs?

For me deepWORK® is not only a number of exercises or a sequence of movements. deepWORK® is a smart concept with a lot of background knowledge. Strength exercises, cardiovascular training, coordination exercises, exercises for mindfulness, awareness and breathing are put together orderly and without confusion.

Everybody can participate! Everyone can work in his own level! The participant is given the opportunity and the space to learn and to perceive.
Easy – athletic – fantastic!

 What can the future instructors expect from the course in April?

After the weekend, every teacher will know the basics of deepWORK® concept and will be able to teach a deepWORK® beginner class. With the exercises she/he can create new variations of the class for months and inspire the participants!

It will be a wonderful weekend with lots of movement, joy and positive energy!

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