"I have been part-taking in gym classes for over 23 years, and have never come across a class like deepWORK. This class is easily one of the best that I have ever done."

− Diane Kelly


When you set up your aims in fitness, using your body in every direction without limitations should be one of your first goals.

  • How can you live a happy and relaxed life if you constantly have a painful neck, back or knee and so on?
  • Can you do an effective training session if you can’t use the full range of motion?

If you want to train smart, you need to start with a program that gives you core stability (to protect your spine), improves your cardiovascular system, and helps you regain mobility where needed (most of the time ankle, hip and shoulder). So, as you see it must be a complex system (as your body is extremely complex as well).

Scientific Way of Education And Training

As our name suggests we stand for delivering high quality group exercise programs in a structured and sport scientifically valid system. While the fitness industry itself is improving very dynamically (new researches, new products, incredible videos, etc), it seems that the group fitness cannot follow this pace.

We all love working out in groups because it is very motivating and more affordable than a personal training session. However, as members of a gym we still don’t have a clear path to follow. Every class seems to be individual without any connection or opportunity for progression. There is one class for strength, one for endurance, one for flexibility but none of them treats the body as a whole system.

So, how can we do a “complex” but quality exercise session that challenges the body, and in the same time relaxes it as well?

Our answer is: do deepWORK.


Why is it revolutionary?

The meeting point of the traditional Far Eastern techniques and the Western European sport science

Different levels

During the session everyone can find the ideal and the most effective level of the exercises.

Sequence of exercises

There is a scientific reason why certain exercises follow each other. The main aim is to create harmony in the body.

Yin Yang approach

The combination of the best yoga and sport specific moves, allow you to experience your highs and lows during the session.

IRON SWEAT - deepWORK UK Team Happy

Why do we love deepWORK?

  • Barefoot training.
  • Slow start. The first 8-10 minutes are very slow, but there is a reason. You need to disconnect from your daily life (no work problems, no family issues, no planning what to eat, etc). Focus on yourself (especially your breathing) it’s essential if you want to do a successful session.
  • Intense mind work. The movements of deepWORK are really complex and designed to use as many muscles as possible at the same time. It is not a class where you can think about other things. You need to be conscious, full attention is required.
  • Powerful main part with intelligent levelling. Yes, deepWORK is a really powerful class, but there are always different levels. If you feel you can’t follow the movement, or you are loosing the quality, simply switch to the easier version. No problem at all. Remember, quality always comes first.
  • Totally recharged feeling. That is a main difference between deepWORK and other functional training programs. Even though you worked hard, we won’t let you walk out in a hyper state of mind. To create balance we calm you down, and with some special moves we activate the body’s regeneration processes.
  • The music…believe us, you will love it.

"I think it is an amazing concept; it is not only fresh but it is scientifically proven."

− Tanya Camilleri