"I have been part-taking in gym classes for over 23 years, and have never come across a class like deepWORK. This class is easily one of the best that I have ever done."

− Diane Kelly


deepWORK® is an intense barefoot training with the aim of creating a dynamic balance between Yin (release/Yoga) and Yang (tension/HIIT).

The special combination of static/dynamic and plyometric/strength exercises including breathing techniques provides the participants with a perfectly balanced functional training.

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Why is deepWORK unique?

The meeting point of the traditional Far Eastern techniques and the Western European sport science

Different levels

During the session everyone can find the ideal and the most effective level of the exercises.

Sequence of exercises

There is a scientific reason why certain exercises follow each other. The main aim is to create harmony in the body.

Yin Yang approach

The combination of the best yoga and sport specific moves, allow you to experience your highs and lows during the session.

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Why do we love deepWORK?

  • Barefoot training.
    Our feet are so complex and uniquely designed, that if we want to use its full potential to create a perfect movement, we need to train barefoot to make sure that our brain has the chance to process all the information and send the right signal through our nervous system.
  • Intense mind work.
    The movements of deepWORK are really complex and designed to use as many muscles as possible at the same time. The aim is to create balance between high intensity training, breathing techniques and movement therapy.
  • Incorporating the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    deepWORK is based not only on the principles of Yin and Yang and modern scientific research, but also the wisdom of the Far Eastern philosophy. Introducing the 5 elements (Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, Water) in a harmonious way, allow the participants to experience an intense and at the same time stress relieving workout.
  • Powerful main part with intelligent leveling.
    deepWORK is a really powerful class, but there are always different levels. If you feel you can’t follow the movement, or you are loosing the quality, simply switch to the easier version. No problem at all. Remember, quality always comes first.
  • Totally recharged feeling.
    That is a main difference between deepWORK and other functional training programs. Even though you worked hard, we won’t let you walk out in a hyper state of mind. To create balance we calm you down, and with some special moves we activate the body’s regeneration processes.
  • The music…believe us, you will love it.

"I think it is an amazing concept; it is not only fresh but also scientifically proven."

− Tanya Camilleri