"deepWORK enables you to unlock your abilities to move a lot more freely and have more fluid movements, but at the same time receive well tailored workout level which and can be very challenging even for professional athletes."

− Arnas Liaukus


Would you like to join our presenter team?

Making people’s life better in every aspect is one of the most respectable jobs. Starting with a small group, then having a team, standing on huge stages, teaching instructors and travelling all around the world as a Master Trainer.

We know that teaching more than 20 classes/week for years can easily burn anyone out, even the most motivated trainer. And unfortunately, despite all the efforts, group exercise instructors are not well known, they don’t have reasonable salary or simply just not enough free time to be able to enjoy their life.

Our vision is to provide everyone with the knowledge to train effectively and live a healthy, pain-free life. Thus, we are looking for trainers who are truly passionate about helping others to achieve their aims.

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What do we offer?

We love classes, we enjoy a lot to work together with a bunch of like-minded people who are ready to work for being fitter, healthier and happier. However, we don’t really like the classes where the instructor shouts at people and counts like a robot without any technical help. We know that nowadays it is very popular to create fitness concepts with fancy names by one or two instructors, but remember, as a trainer you work with extremely complex and highly individual human bodies. It is very unlikely that one person can see every side perfectly (movement, nutrition, physiology, etc).

That is the reason why we teach only concepts that has been created by a team of fitness professionals (sport scientists, trainers, physiotherapists, performers, etc). Never forget that it is your responsibility to make sure that every single individual in your class is safe, they are having fun, and in the meantime they are progressing constantly.

We would like to see as many highly professional group instructors as possible, thus we put together an e-learning platform that is affordable and focuses on real life scenarios, not only on theoretic knowledge.


We would like to highlight that it’s not a one person story. Our team together has decades of knowledge from different aspects of fitness, so we are really try to give you as much knowledge as possible to save years, and create an enjoyable able career as a fitness professional.

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What are the conditions?


  • The most important point is to do everything from the heart! Being a professional trainer is a responsible job. But if you do your best it will come back to you in different ways (wealth, health, reputation, prestige, future opportunities, etc.)
  • We believe that quality should be the number one criteria when we are exercising. We work together only with high level partners to always deliver the best training. And we expect the same from our trainers.
  • As real professionals, our trainers must respect not just others, but their own body as well. They know that they are role models, and it is not just a compliment but responsibility as well. To be able to change the world of group fitness, we constantly need to learn and improve (the human body is beautiful and very complex). Our career path is clear and rewarding, but it requires full commitment, thus our trainers are not just teachers but students as well.
  • You may need a Level 2 Exercise To Music (ETM) qualification to be able to teach group classes legally in the UK. We are in partnership with the ActiveIQ, please contact us if you need help to get this qualification.
  • As you go towards on the road to be a Master Trainer, we give you deeper and deeper knowledge that will help you train, teach, perform and help much more efficiently than anyone else in the current world of group fitness (we are 100% sure about that).