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Think Different – Train Different

IRON SWEAT was founded by Attila Madarasz, a former professional Judo athlete and European Championship silver medallist. Our aim is to bring more science and efficiency into group fitness, thus we always work together only with the best fitness professionals. We stand for quality and scientifically proven training systems that create harmony in our body.
We have put together a logically structured and scientifically valid system, in partnership with the most reputable companies and institutes. Our series of live events are not only designed to provide you with a great session, but we also give every participant the opportunity to learn and –with the help of our professional trainers– practice everything that is necessary to achieve the aims faster and safely.

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Power and Harmony

deepWORK is a powerful athletic training, and thanks to its Yin and Yang approach, is quite different from the current well-known classes. This program really is the meeting point of the traditional Far Eastern techniques and the Western European science in group fitness. Its unique structure, and the combination of the best yoga and sport specific moves, allow you to experience your highs and lows during the session, and to create harmony in your body in a very positive way.



Passion – Dedication – Quality

Our vision is to provide everyone with the knowledge to train effectively and live a healthy, pain-free life. We always aim for the highest quality, thus we are constantly looking forward to hear from those trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals.Our courses are designed to help you become a better and more successful trainer, no matter if you are just about to start or you are already an experienced instructor.


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Workshops, conventions and special events

If you would like to try deepWORK or our other programs, we are happy to invite you to one (or more) of our live events. Showcases, masterclasses, workshops and special events, we give you plenty of options to join us. We have a very passionate and very positive community we are proud of, and we are always excited about meeting new people who share our values.

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Our Partners

“The forest is a quiet place if only the best birds sing.” – Kay Johnson

Our aim is to provide all participants with science-based knowledge throughout our events. We are proud that our educations and trainings are provided by carefully selected partners and world-renowned experts.